AFK Direct Drive Flange Fan

Continental Fan's AFK Direct Drive Flange Fans deliver maximum performance in minimal space. These fans are ideal for OEM applications or new construction. Types of applications include general ventilation, renewable energy, industrial drying, marine / shipboard applications, and much more. This compact yet powerful fan is available in diameters from 12" through 42", with capacities ranging to 34,000 cfm. An ideal condenser fan, AFK direct drive flange fans have an adjustable pitch impeller for precise performance matching. A fully reversible double flange design provides exceptional strength and allows for duct mounting if needed.

Features & Benefits
  • Airfoil adjustable pitch cast aluminum impeller
  • Unit can be built for supply or exhaust configurations
  • Superior performance and sound characteristics
  • Heavy gauge steel
  • Baked polyester powder coat finish
  • GRP (polypropylene) blades available
  • Ideal for OEM applications or new construction
  • Fully reversible design option available
  • Advanced computerized selection program
  • Sizes range from 12" to 42"
  • Capacities to 34,000 cfm

Static pressure and airflow

00.511.522.5302000400060008000AIRFLOW [cfm]STATIC PRESSURE [in. wg]