ECO-FLO Energy Recovery Ventilator
The ECO-FLO Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV) is the all-in-one ventilation solution for new construction and renovation projects. This compact unit is capable of exhausting stale indoor air and supplying fresh filtered air from outside. The ERV core extracts thermal energy from the exhausted air and uses it to either pre-heat or pre-cool the incoming supply air (depending on the season). The ECO-FLO ERV has the added benefit of indoor humidity control, making it ideal for use in both living and working environments.
Features & Benefits
  • Extracts stale indoor air
  • Recovers thermal energy from extracted air
  • Supplies fresh, pre-treated air
  • Maintains a comfortable humidity setting
  • Moisture damage prevention
  • Lowers heating and cooling costs throughout the year
  • Low energy demand (5.61 W)
  • Quiet operation (as low as 0.2 SONES)
  • Multifunctional wireless remote control
  • Plug-&-Play installation
  • Air purification (MERV 6)
  • Rated for continuous operation