CUB Belt Drive Upblast Exhaust Fans

CUB Belt Drive Upblast Exhaust Fans are designed to discharge contaminated exhaust air away from roof surfaces and building walls. These commercial fans are suitable for a variety of roof or wall mounted applications, including warehouse ventilation, equipment room ventilation, general ventilation, commercial range hood exhaust, and much more. CUB fans feature backward inclined non-overloading impellers and fully ventilated motor compartments.

CUB Belt Drive Upblast Exhaust Fans are available in UL762 Restaurant Exhaust Kits. Kits include a grease cup, grease pipe, down spout, and hinge kit. UL762 restaurant exhaust requires the use of a vented roof curb. Select 20" high roof curbs are available.

Features & Benefits
  • Suitable for roof or wall mount (up to model CUB24/2HP)
  • Backward inclined, non-overloading wheels
  • Spun aluminum housing for weather-resistant durability
  • Fully ventilated motor cooling compartment for long motor life
  • Quick release latches for easy access to motor compartment
  • Blades and inlet fabricated from aluminum
  • Variable pitch motor pulley allows for field adjustment and system balancing
  • High efficiency wheels and low tip speeds result in quiet operation
  • Disconnect switch
  • Fully welded leak-proof grease drain
  • 300 F max. temperature rating
  • Available in single or three phase voltages
  • Belt drive capacities to 17,725 cfm

Static pressure and airflow

00.511.522.53040008000120001600020000AIRFLOW [cfm]STATIC PRESSURE [in. wg]Belt losses are not accounted for in the selections